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This report covers full time vacancy recruitment data for the period May 26, 2021 – May 25, 2022


1) Employment Unit: Noalmark Broadcasting Corporation, Hobbs, New Mexico


2) Unit Members (Stations and Communities of License):

KIXN – Hobbs, New Mexico

KPZA – Jal, New Mexico

KZOR – Hobbs, New Mexico

KLEA – Hobbs, New Mexico

KEJL – Humble City, New Mexico


3) EEO Contact Information for Unit Member:

Mailing Address: 619 North Turner, Hobbs, New Mexico 88240

Telephone Number: 575.397.4969

Contact Person: Aaron Forrister

E-mail Address:


4) Vacancies Filled: None


5) No Hires


6) Total # of interviewees referred: None


7) Supplemental Recruitment Initiatives: List and briefly describe the Supplemental Recruitment Initiatives undertaken during the preceding twelve (12) months.


(A)  Initiative:  Internship Program

During the reporting period, Noalmark Broadcasting Corporation implemented an internship program.  The internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to experience the careers available in the radio broadcasting industry. The internship program chooses interns from applicants who express an interest in the radio industry.

Interns are exposed to the various operations of a radio station which may include some combination of on-air work, show production, remote broadcasts, engineering, traffic, billing, administrative assistance, sales, commercial production and board operation, depending to some extent upon the interests of the intern and the needs of the station. We currently have one female intern that is a student at Hobbs High School.


(B)  Initiative: Management EEO Training

A training session was held with upper level management on October 28, 2021. The session entailed a comprehensive review of the FCC EEO regulations and the Company’s ongoing compliance efforts.


(C)  Participation in general outreach efforts through jobs banks, internet programs & similar programs

Jobs are posted on some or all of the following websites, depending on the job:,, and These websites get thousands of hits each month, thereby getting the word out about the job openings to many individuals.  Jobs are also listed on the, which is the Texas Broadcasters Association website and the which is the New Mexico Broadcasters Association website.


 (D) Initiative: Management EEO & Sexual Harassment Training

A Staff meeting was held on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.  All employees were required to be at this meeting. During the meeting, FCC Rules and Regulations regarding EEO and the company’s Sexual Harassment Policy were reviewed.


(E) Initiative: Annual Job Fair 

KZOR/KIXN/KPZA/KEJL/KLEA hosted a job fair on Saturday, January 22, 2022. Twenty businesses and government entities participated along with the radio stations. Radio and newspaper advertising was done in Hobbs and the surrounding area.

KZOR/KIXN/KPZA/KEJL/KLEA partnered with the Economic Development Corporation of Lea County to create this regional virtual job fair to answer a critical need for employees in the Hobbs employment market. During the fair over 1,000 prospective job seekers came to the event. Many were hired by a variety of employers during the event.